Aria (three bedroom, two bathroom)

A three bedroom modern Australian home; perfect for a growing family!

Bridgeport 1987

The city is hot and uneasy. The sticky summer air brings another sleepless night. You can hear the taxi cabs below buzz around; carrying those lucky enough to have plans tonight. You lay there. Unsettled. Too hot to move. Welcome to Bridgeport, circa 1987.

Deontai for The Sims 4

Custom content was used. See full list below.

Saints Row 2 Billboards as Posters

Billboards converted to posters for The Sims 4.

Swedish Furniture Store Advertisements and In-Store Signs

Say, what does your Swedish furniture store need? Some sort of wall-hung information apparatus!
Well fear not fellow retail builders.
I saw the sign, and have create these six retail signs just for *you*! (Yes, you.)

Kim Jong Kawaii

Why Mr. Kim, you are super kawaii today! Thank you Supreme Leader for gracing us with your presence everyday.

You bring style and color all around the world.
Style is style,
Fashion is fashion, 
And girl, you got style.

(Art by Scott Scheidly)

'Sea is for Cookie'

'Turnip for What!?'

If you ask an American where they were the day Michelle Obama posted her infamous ‘Turnip For What!?’ video on social networking site Vine, many could tell you the exact moment. Never forget this moment in history. A moment that made America stand up and say those three little words… turnip for what.

Exhibitionists enjoy showing their naked body or a sexual activity to other people. Definitions vary with respect to whether those being shown this, should be looking for such encounter or not. Art by ‘Tom of Finland’.

The Kaleidoscopic Turn

Introducing Yellowbox’s first ‘Sims 4′ object; The Kaleidoscopic Turn!
Enjoy art from Stanislaus OSTOJA-KOTKOWSKI and Bridget RILEY and relive the swinging 60s in the comfort of the present day.