"Sure, Jan" Bella Squared recolour

Anybody who is a serious collector is fine art will appreciate this beautiful recolour of ‘Bella Squared’.
Sit back as friends and family ask you how much paid for such a refined piece of art, and listen as they roll their eyes and sigh, “Sure, Jan.”

(As this is a recolour, The CEP is vital.)

WiiFit Trainer


Your ideal heart rate is zero.
(Custom content included.)

The Barely Inn (6 Room Dorm)

Just outside La Fiesta Tech, The Barely Inn offers students barely liveable dorms with private bathrooms and a free barely nutritious food service.

Requires “Tiny Filesize Invisible Driveway for Lot Builders” from ModTheSims.

LGBT Education Centre

LGBT Sims of SimCity, your new library awaits! Maybe you need a book on coming out?
Or want to learn the history of LGBT Sims in SimCity?
You’ll find it all here at the LGBT Education Centre.

[TS1 > TS2] 3 Sim Avenue


Converted from The Sims (for PlayStation 2), 3 Sim Avenue is the perfect space for your Roomies to live!
Plenty of space left on this lot to expand and even put in a small garage.

Old Westwood Hospital (6 Room Dorm)

Once a popular hospital for the mentally unstable, now a funky home to cash-ridden University students!
Enjoy your own suite with private bathroom and entertainment facilities,
hospital style food in the canteen, and learning logic in the gardens out back!
Just ignore the screams from the basement.
Which we didn’t just tell you about.

Phillip Drive

Oh the joys of sharing a three bedroom rental in suburbia. None of your furniture matches, you don’t know who’s strawberry yoghurt is in the fridge, and you always argue over the phone bill. Sounds pretty good if you ask us!

Hickory Drive Medical Centre

Hickory Drive Medical Centre is now home to a general practitioner clinic and research centre.
For all other medical needs, please visit the main hospital building.

Cheap'n'Eazzzy Motel

Need a place to stay last minute?
There will always be a vacancy at the Cheap’n’Eazzzy Motel.

St. Augustine's Vicarage

The new Vicar needs somewhere to live! Why not pop her in the vicarage?