'Sea is for Cookie'

'Turnip for What!?'

If you ask an American where they were the day Michelle Obama posted her infamous ‘Turnip For What!?’ video on social networking site Vine, many could tell you the exact moment. Never forget this moment in history. A moment that made America stand up and say those three little words… turnip for what.

Exhibitionists enjoy showing their naked body or a sexual activity to other people. Definitions vary with respect to whether those being shown this, should be looking for such encounter or not. Art by ‘Tom of Finland’.

The Kaleidoscopic Turn

Introducing Yellowbox’s first ‘Sims 4′ object; The Kaleidoscopic Turn!
Enjoy art from Stanislaus OSTOJA-KOTKOWSKI and Bridget RILEY and relive the swinging 60s in the comfort of the present day.

Ugly Sofa Recolour

Looking for an ugly sofa? Why not download this one! Why I created this, I have no bloody idea…

Potty Recolours

Playing around with SimPE and created my first object recolours - that aren’t paintings! Enjoy these four potty chair recolours; they come in a soft yellow, bold purple, hot pink, and tangerine.

'Have You Heard?'

Have you heard? Coco Peru has been framed and is now available to be hung in living rooms all across America. Perfect decor for children’s parties. (Recolour of Bella Squared.)

Recolour of ‘Suspense!’, this erotic Tom of Finland painting is sure to set the tone for your next leather party!


Street art is free for anyone to enjoy. You can just grab a bike and discover art in your own hometown. It’s the most democratic art form that exists. So we are excited to have street art as the first theme for IKEA art event. Let’s celebrate street art! This first set includes art by Eko Nugroho, Sobekcis, Nevercrew, Crash, T-freak, Carolina Falkholt, Hua Tunan, and Koralie Supakitch.

"Sure, Jan" Bella Squared recolour

Anybody who is a serious collector is fine art will appreciate this beautiful recolour of ‘Bella Squared’.
Sit back as friends and family ask you how much paid for such a refined piece of art, and listen as they roll their eyes and sigh, “Sure, Jan.”

(As this is a recolour, The CEP is vital.)