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Captain Deontai and his Trusty 80s' Sidekick

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It's time for another unnecessary self-promotion!
Captain Deontai has arrived to save your town from boring houses.
And he's bring his trusty sidekick, Trusty 80s' Sidekick!

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Secret Headquarters

wow. very secret. so private. much discrete.

[SIMS 2 > SIMS 3] H&M Fashion Stores

To celebrate the opening of the first H&M store in Australia,
Yellowbox has converted the H&M stores from The Sims 2: H&M Fashion Stuff!

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Or read more to download them individually.

[DOWNLOAD NOW!] Mayfair Island Population Project

The (very late) Mayfair Island Population Project is here!
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Groundskeeper Richard (plus Cottage)

Groundskeeper William is a rejected character from the Mayfair Island Population Project.
He was meant to have his small cottage just behind the local school, but a quick redesign of some of the towns rabbit holes left him, well... rejected!

The cottage was built by the school to match it's colour scheme. It also featured a large fence to keep school children out, but has since been removed.

Saloon Sal's Wild Western Watering Hole

Why doesn't this look familiar!
I thought I'd put some of Movie Stuff's stuff to good use in this newly themed watering hole.

Changes -
+ added outhouse
+ added Late Night bar
+ changed layout of tables
+ changed outdoor area

- removed barbecue
- removed tile border around foundation

Station Number One (now functional!)

Residents of Riverview,
you're welcome.

Changes - 
+ slight layout change
+ sliding door is now on side of building 
+ new basement gym
+ bunk beds installed upstairs
+ functional fire station

- second floor is mostly empty due to the size of the fire truck

Riverview Gymnasium

Riverview is required. Probably.

This isn't really a new gym for Riverview. It's more of a little refresh of the old one.

Changes -
+ updated gym equipment
+ added 'gym' items - such as the sports bag and exercise posters
+ changed windows to Town Life gym windows
+ curved pool and added pool items - slide, diving board

- swimming pool is no longer on the ground floor

'Artist Collection' Collection File

Are your Sims lacking organisation in their lives?
Why not check out our collections then!

This collection is perfect for the artistic Sim who wishes to improve his or her
art skills but just can't seem to find all the right stuff!

TO INSTALL: Documents / Electronic Arts / The Sims 3 / Collections / User